Welcome to our writing site! Your children have been working hard on their first big writing project this year. Please take some time to explore our site and view your child's digital story (these can be found under the "pigeon writing" tab). Students also finished writing Holiday acrostic poems (under the "holiday poems" tab). We would love to hear your comments! Please leave positive comments about your child's work below! Thanks for your support! ~ Mrs. D

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Julie Martin
12/19/2011 05:23:35 am

Lindsey- you did such a nice job on your poem. Keep up the good work and Christmas will be here before you know it.

Katie's Mom
12/20/2011 06:00:59 am

Great stories everyone! What great writers you all are. I love how you put real pictures and music with your writing. I look forward to seeing what comes next. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

12/25/2011 10:06:51 pm

I had a great time for christmas. I went out side and skated on my new skateboard. It was really awesome

Eden Heinzman
1/1/2012 10:21:26 am

My Christmas was good. I got a back pack you color in and a toy dog,named Weenie. My dad caught a video of Santa and I loved it.

1/2/2012 04:30:04 am

want i got for christmas:
crach candy holder and a three ds nerf preter and a bayblade stadium spongebob tooth brush and a bayblade game for a dsixl and a flash light compas and a boy scouts backpack.

what i did on christmas:
open presents and did go to mamashouse.
i gave thanks for my wonderful family.


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