The new school year is about to begin! Im excited to start another year of writing with a great new group of second graders! Parents and students, please check out some of the great projects we worked on last year and leave your comments here!
After spending two days learning about this fantastic author and illustrator, please share one interesting fact you learned about her.
Today we began studying the author of the Skippyjon Jones series, Judy Schachner. You've had the chance to read the Skippyjon books in the classroom and explore his personal website. Add your comment below and tell us what your favorite Skippyjon moment is!
Welcome to our writing site! Your children have been working hard on their first big writing project this year. Please take some time to explore our site and view your child's digital story (these can be found under the "pigeon writing" tab). Students also finished writing Holiday acrostic poems (under the "holiday poems" tab). We would love to hear your comments! Please leave positive comments about your child's work below! Thanks for your support! ~ Mrs. D

P.S - Our blog is set up to allow comments from everyone, however they need to be approved by me first. Your comment won't appear on this site till it has been approved.
Congratulations! You have produced your first digital story! Take a few minutes to watch your classmates videos. When you're finished, post a positive comment about their work. You could start by saying:
  • I really liked the music you choose because ________
  • Your theme goes well with your story because ________
  • I liked your story because _______
 Remember: "It was cool" is not a reason why you liked it! Be specific!
Which Mo Willems book is your favorite? Why is it your favorite? Can you make a personal connection to one of his books? 
During this project, what did you learn about Mo Willems? Post your comment and include at least one thing you learned about Mo. Don't forget to include your name in your post!